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Map: Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area

Map: Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area

The Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area (WMA) was christened "Three Rivers" because of its proximity to the junction of the Seneca and Oneida Rivers which form the Oswego. The area is situated in Onondaga County about 18 miles north of Syracuse between Baldwinsville and Phoenix. Interstate 690 and NYS Route 48 provide easy access to the area.

The primary goals and objectives of the Three Rivers Area are to provide habitat for a variety of wildlife and to permit compatible public uses of the land. Considerable management and development work has been carried out since the 1940's. Twenty-nine water units totaling over 250 acres have been constructed. These include potholes and small marshes ranging in size from ½ to 5 acres and one large marsh over 100 acres. Water level manipulation and draw downs are accomplished to encourage certain aquatic vegetation. Over 50,000 evergreens and shrubs have been planted to improve the diversity of habitat and to provide food and cover for wildlife. An annual system of prescribed burning is utilized to keep open fields from reverting to brush and trees. Development and management activities are carried out with monies derived mainly from hunting license fees and federal taxes on sporting arms and ammunition.

Good morning. 68 degrees this morning with a dew point around 57. You’re feeling the humidity a bit this morning but it’s hardly oppressive. While the mercury will climb to 86 later the dew point will max out at 61, so it won’t feel oppressively humid. A light breeze especially downtown and in the mountains will also help. More clouds later.

Tomorrow the humidity kicks in with a dew point around 67 and mercury pushing 90. That will make it feel hazy, hot and humid. The increasing chance of thunderstorms and cloudy may make the humidity fairly bearable.

I think I will leave right from work tomorrow for Vermont. Traffic might be bad and I may have to go into town mid week to buy ice but hopefully I can find a shady (no, not what you’re thinking) place to park in downtown. I specifically did not buy a black truck due to hot days. I am still worried about getting a decent campsite, but maybe with some begging I can get out of jail before 5 PM.

The bus driver gave me a ride down to the Park and Ride this morning. That was nice, although I almost prefer walking on a nice day like today. I think most of the drivers change next week. I just hope the 5 PM Voorheesville express bus remains reliable come the summer driver. They seem to have a lot of trouble producing reliable trips in the summer months. No changes to my bus routes, but you should check the schedule to see if the changes impact you.

Good evening. 67 degrees at the 11 o’clock hour. Mostly clear. Dew point is at 53, so not too sticky. Went down to the park for a while. Then to Walmart to pick up some cold cuts for lunch tomorrow, along with a headphone wire extension, so I can finish wiring up the PA speaker in my truck. The speaker seems pretty loud and fits perfectly behind the front bumper, above the skid plate.

I still got a lot of packing tomorrow. I also need to buy some groceries. But it should be a nice weekend. I am still considering whether to leave from work or take the bus home then get my truck. I’m a bit worried about leaving the truck out in the heat in the city and having the ice melt in the cooler or even worse, the propane leaking out of the escape valve and making everything stinky and a mess. The other concern I have is getting up to Kelly Stand Road early enough to get a decent campsite.

Good evening. Summer is here, with temperatures getting up to 89 degrees but currently has fallen back to 84 degrees as the afternoon progressed. A dew point around 53 degrees and a 12 mph wind makes for some comfortable conditions. As soon as dinner is done, I’m heading down to the park. Not sure if I’ll read or bring the laptop to play on.

I may go shopping tonight and start packing for the long weekend. I’m a bit undecided. It depends on how late I stay down at the park. Still looks like it will be a nice weekend but possibly quite stormy at times from the heat.

The express bus tonight is one of the shuttle busses. Probably uses less gas then the big busses and is ample for the purpose. Still I feel like the big busses are safer on the expressway. Regardless, I’m getting home.

Google Maps: NY Unemployment Rate April 2016

The New York State Department of Labor yesterday released preliminary local area unemployment rates for April 2016.

Rates are calculated as prescribed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The State’s area unemployment rates rely in part on the results of the Current Population Survey, which contacts approximately 3,100 households in New York State each month.

You can download this data from here:

Good morning. Happy what will feel like the first day of summer, with a high around 87 degrees. Tomorrow will be even hotter and more humid.

Tomorrow also marks the 55th anniversary of the official ribbon cutting of the Adirondack NorthwayMemorial Day in 1961 was a Tuesday, as until 1970 it always fell on May 30th. This year Memorial Day will also be on May 30th, as that’s what Monday is this year.

Assuming that the black flies are manageable, I expect it to be a truly delightful Memorial Day Weekend. I probably will go food shopping tonight, so I can freeze things solid as even with 4 gallons of ice, it won’t last all that long with toasty temperatures expected. It’s summer.

59 degrees and mostly cloudy at bedtime. 51 degrees for the low tonight with clearing. Hot but not humid day tomorrow with the mercury pushing 85 or maybe even 90 degrees. Hot weather through the weekend with humidity creeping in on Saturday. Thunderstorms may bring downpours each day coming up.

I made some new state land maps for the blog and Google Maps showing the local unemployment rates for the state for April and the nation for counties in March. Those maps will be featured over the next month.

I dug the big box fan out of the closet. I will draw the shades before work. I’m ready to embrace the warm weather. I don’t have air conditioning at home, but I’ll just stay outside until I go to bed.

Good night. Enjoy the evenings cool before tomorrow’s warmth.

Good evening. Tonight was Bronx Night at the Egg, so I got a few good eats before catching the bus home. Today was kind of a damp and gray day, much more than expected. It never really cleared out, although I think the most recent shower is over and some more sun. Today’s high was only 67, it’s dropped back to 63.

Tonight is going to be mild with a low around 51. Sunset is at 8:20 with dusk around 8:56. Tomorrow the heat kicks in with a high around 85 to 90 under partly sunny skies. With a breeze and dew points in the 50s, it won’t nearly feel so warm. The weather forecasters are predicting a toasty summer.

Today the unemployment rate figures for April were released. I’ll try to get an unemployment map together tonight showing the local area unemployment rates across the state tonight to feature tomorrow.

I also got to make up some new maps tonight. Maybe after the evening walk as I watch the PBS Newshour. Tomorrow is going to be hot in the evening, so I doubt I’ll want to spend much time inside playing on the computer.

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