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Here is a brief chart that shows the climate normals, sunset times, and length of day for next four months in Delmar, NY…

Week Date Dawn Sun-
Dusk Day Avg High Avg Low Record Hi Record Low
0 August 25 5:44 am 6:14 am 7:40 pm 8:09 pm 13:25 79 59 99 (1947) 35 (1940)
1 September 1 5:52 am 6:21 am 7:28 pm 7:57 pm 13:06 77 57 96 (1953) 41 (1967)
2 September 8 6:00 am 6:29 am 7:16 pm 7:44 pm 12:46 75 55 94 (2015) 34 (1978)
3 September 15 6:08 am 6:36 am 7:03 pm 7:31 pm 12:27 73 52 92 (1915) 33 (1975)
4 September 22 6:16 am 6:44 am 6:51 pm 7:19 pm 12:06 70 49 95 (1895) 31 (1962)
5 September 29 6:23 am 6:51 am 6:38 pm 7:06 pm 11:46 67 46 86 (1921) 29 (2000)
6 October 6 6:31 am 6:59 am 6:26 pm 6:54 pm 11:26 64 43 90 (1900) 24 (1965)
7 October 13 6:39 am 7:07 am 6:14 pm 6:43 pm 11:07 61 40 81 (1930) 24 (1981)
8 October 20 6:47 am 7:16 am 6:03 pm 6:32 pm 10:47 58 38 80 (1965) 18 (1972)
9 October 27 6:55 am 7:24 am 5:53 pm 6:22 pm 10:29 56 36 79 (1963) 21 (1950)
10 November 3 7:03 am 7:33 am 5:44 pm 6:14 pm 10:11 53 35 75 (1990) 20 (1980)
11 November 10 6:12 am 6:42 am 4:36 pm 5:06 pm 9:54 50 33 72 (1931) 16 (1965)
12 November 17 6:20 am 6:50 am 4:30 pm 5:00 pm 9:39 47 31 73 (1928) 7 (1972)
13 November 24 6:28 am 6:59 am 4:25 pm 4:56 pm 9:26 44 29 70 (2014) 7 (2000)
14 December 1 6:35 am 7:07 am 4:22 pm 4:54 pm 9:15 41 27 67 (1934) -5 (1875)
15 December 8 6:42 am 7:13 am 4:21 pm 4:53 pm 9:08 38 24 58 (1927) -3 (1902)
16 December 15 6:47 am 7:19 am 4:23 pm 4:55 pm 9:03 36 21 61 (2015) -8 (1874)
Map: Rock City State Forest

Map: Rock City State Forest

Rock City and McCarty Hill State Forests, also known as Cattaraugus Reforestation Areas #5 and #8, covers approximately 6,229 acres. These state forests are located in Cattaraugus County in the Towns of Mansfield, Little Valley, Ellicottville and Great Valley. This unit shares its boundary lines with two major ski areas and is near Ellicottville, New York--a place that has become a year-round destination resort area. The most common recreational uses of this area are hunting, hiking, mountain bike riding, skiing, snowshoeing, orienteering, camping and snowmobile riding. These state forests also have a rich history which has shaped the way they look today.

There are camp sites available with covered picnic tables at Camp Seneca and Little Rock City recreation areas. Rock City camp area has four available sites like the one pictured that are tent camping only. Camping is allowed at designated sites only and there is no water supply (look for yellow camp disks at sites). Build fires in designated rock fire rings and not on roads, turn-around areas, picnic tables, or anywhere else that will cause damage or leave a mess to clean up. There is no garbage pick up at these sites; this area is carry in - carry out only!

On other areas of these state forests you can set up camp as long as you are 150 feet away from a road, trail, stream or waterbody.

Look for our yellow "camp here" disks which designate camp sites on the property. Please see maps for general locations. For map locations of Rock City and Camp Seneca as well as other camp locations please view the camp map at the top of the page.

Map: Scott Patent State Forest

Map: Scott Patent State Forest

The 1,220-acre Scott Patent State Forest was purchased for the people of New York State for reforestation, timber production, recreational use, watershed protection and wildlife habitat. Stone Store State Forest features hunting, trapping and primitive camping opportunities. Hiking is allowed on all state forests but there are no designated trails on this property.

There are no designated campsites, however, at-large primitive camping is allowed. Campsites must be at least 150 feet away from the nearest road, trail, or body of water. Camping for more than three nights or in groups of ten or more requires a permit from a Forest Ranger.

Good morning! On this first day of the State Fair in Albany we have mostly cloudy skies with clearing to points south and east. Its warming up fairly quickly, mercury is pushing 30 as we head towards the day’s expected high of 84, which will happen by two or so. There is a south breeze at 10 mph. The dew point is 65 degrees. The muggy weather ends Saturday around 3 am.

Still pretty undecided about my weekend plans. I like the Adirondack idea of heading up to Wells but I also like the idea of heading out to Mine Kill State Park. If I do the later, it will ensure I have time to get my oil change done this weekend. I also will be able to swim in a nice pool — and not have to leave until Saturday. On the other hand, if I go to the Adirondacks I could swim all day at the Wells or Spectulator beach, possibly paddle part of the Sacanadaga River north of Auger Falls, and camp either on Pumpkin Hollow Road or up in White House.

Keep chewing over dashboard cameras. There are so many options and range in price, but I’m looking for something affordable but good quality. Those aren’t totally mutually exclusive. But before I start driving more for work this fall, I would like to be able to start recording my trips not just for safety but so I can save the scenic views and upload them to Youtube later on.

Good morning! Another somewhat foggy morning around 66 degrees but quickly climbing. There is a south breeze at 10 mph. The dew point is 63 degrees.

Today is going to be a lot more humid then lately. Thunderstorms by afternoon. Generally partly sunny with a high of 84 degrees at 2pm. Six degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 70 at 5pm. South wind 10 to 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%. The record high of 99 was set in 1947.

Good evening! Clear and 74 degrees in Albany, NY. There is a south breeze at 8 mph. The dew point is 66 degrees. The muggy weather ends Saturday around 2 am.

Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low of 65 degrees at 4am. Six degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 67 at 11pm. South wind around 9 mph. The record low of 35 occurred back in 1940. Last Quarter Moon tonight with 50% illuminated. The moon will rise around 12:06 am. The Full “Corn” Moon is on Friday, September 16th.

Tomorrow will have a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after noon. Partly sunny, with a high of 86 degrees at 3pm. Seven degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 69 at 5pm. South wind 11 to 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%. The record high of 99 was set in 1947. 

The sun will rise at 6:12 am with the first light at 5:43 am, which is 1 minutes and 5 seconds later then yesterday.

Looking ahead, Day When It Got Below Freezing in Albany is in 3 weeks, First Day with Average High Below 70 is in 1 months, Yom Kippur is in 7 weeks, Thanksgiving is in 3 months and First Day with Temperatures Recorded Below Zero is in 14 weeks.

Still chewing over my weekend plans but I have to say that the weekend forecast looks pretty good for Wells in the Southern Adirondacks. Warm and sunny but not too humid. If it seems likely that I can get out of work at a reasonable hour on Friday, I’m all for the Adirondacks and spending my Saturday either at the Wells or Speculator beach. Endless summer really is an endangered species. 

Here is what you can expect in Wells for the weekend… 

  • Friday night will be mostly clear, with a low of 58 degrees at 5am. Maximum dew point of 60 at 6pm. Northwest wind 6 to 9 mph. The record low of 41 occurred back in 1969.
  • Saturday will be mostly sunny, with a high of 77 degrees at 3pm. Maximum dew point of 59 at 4pm. The record high of 97 was set in 1948.
  • Saturday night will be partly cloudy, with a low of 56 degrees at 5am. Maximum dew point of 59 at 6pm. The record low of 42 occurred back in 1982.
  • Sunday will be mostly sunny, with a high of 79 degrees at 3pm. Maximum dew point of 62 at 4pm. The record high of 98 was set in 1948.
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