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May 2016
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Map: Beaver Lake Trail

Map: Beaver Lake Trail

A 2.1 mile trail takes you to Beaver Lake at Moose River Plains, home at one time to the Wilcox Hotel.

Starting near the confluence of the Otter Brook and Moose River, the Beaver Lake Trail follows the scenic Moose River for 3/4 mile, before climbing up a small hill, and passing several old growth trees. Eventually you reach a clearing, where an old saw mill, and Beaver Lake. There are several campsites along the shore of Beaver Lake.

Definitely a nice day, walking down to the Park and Ride. Not a cloud in the sky, around 70 on our way up to 80. They’ve switched to the summer bus drivers, and it will be interesting if they’ll continue to provide a reliable 719 bus for the 5 pm evening service.

I tell you, were the heck did the holiday weekend go?
At least at this rate black fly season will quickly conclude. During the month of June, I’ll be on call or at least will need access to my email, so I have to plan trips were for the bulk of the weekend I’ll have decent cell service.

Thinking about a kayak trip out to the Hudson Islands State Park to camp for the weekend.
I did this trip a few years ago and it was a lot of fun. Also thinking of tent camping at Cole Hill State Forest, and pickup truck camping at Brookfield, Mason Lake, and/or Burnt Rossman in Schoharie County. There are a lot of places I have decent cell service.

After a weekend in the sun, swimming and enjoying it I’ve come to realize I need a good pair of swim goggles. I keep telling myself I should buy some, because I find it difficult with my eyes swimming underwater with the contacts in. I have to keep my eyes closed. Also, need a good pair of sunglasses. All things I’ve been thinking about for a while, but if I want to continue my career as a beach bum, they are kind of important (and not real expensive).

Also been thinking about getting a big semi-truck tire tube for floating in lakes I’ve wanted to get one for some time, but not sure where I could buy one. But then I realized I could probably find something like that on the internet, and have it shipped to my door. Well, maybe later in the month.

Ahh, the joys of summer … Have a good one.

As they say, the best weather happens after a long weekend. 70 degrees this morning under sunny skies. Dew point around 55 degrees so very comfortable. 80 degrees later with continued nice weather. Kind of cruel and unusual punishment after a nice weekend.

Kind of a muggy but not super hot evening and a with a temperature around 70 degrees and a dew point around 66. Mostly cloudy and damp. The good news is tomorrow the dew point is expected to drop into the mid 50s and will be quite nice despite mercury expecting to top out at 80 degrees under sunny skies.

Lost power for an hour or two in Delmar while I was at my parent’s house for our annual Memorial Day BBQ. It unfortunately poured while my dad was working on the grill. The only way I know power was out in Delmar was I heard the refrigerator compressor working non-stop to get things colder, and that the ice I had reforming from the camping trip was only partially frozen when I got home. I kept a gallon of ice in there when I left for camp but the rest of four gallons of the ice came with me and kept my food cold. I make ice in old milk jugs. I use them until they crack (two or three times). Like most things in my cheap, shitty apartment in the suburbs, the frigid is on its last legs.

It was a nice weekend but much too short. Usually I extend my Memorial Day Weekend by a few days but that didn’t happen this year because past Memorial Day Weekends have sucked with black flies, cold and rain. Plus I’ve been busy with work. Spent a lot of time hanging out at camp and tanning in the sun, soaking up the rays and swimming in Grout Pond. Brought my kayak but never used it. Without a Vermont fishing license I didn’t really feel like exploring the pond I had only seen a few years ago. Swimming in the lake, it was pretty cool to watch the schools of yellow perch swim by in the crystal clear water.

I have other thoughts but they’ll wait until tomorrow as I’m tired. Enjoy some of the photos I’ve just posted of the past weekend.

Good afternoon. 78 degrees and partly sunny at Grout Pond. Even more clearing expected for later. Not a half bad day for Memorial Day. Spending a few more minutes as a beach bum,  enjoying as much of the sun and water before I have to go home.

Last night was pretty foggy and cool but for the most part I missed most of the rain until morning. The one advantage of the cooler weather was there were no black flies. Black flies were back for the morning, so I took another bath in DEET. Burgers and coleslaw last night and started a campfire and read until 10 pm. I was tired, so I went to bed early.

Figured out why the propane splitter wasn’t working all the time. Based on reading on the Internet, I learned it’s important to turn off all the valves on the stove and lantern before turning on the tank slowly to properly pressurize the propane lanes. Now things working perfectly now. I’m happy about that.

Now I’m heading home to unpack. I’ll upload photos over the next few days.