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Arthur Residence
Basswood Pond State Forest
Christmas Time
Dormansville, New York
Madison County, NY
NYS Census - Food Stamps
Overlook Mountain

December 2016
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Well folks, another year has come to a close. 2016 is one for the books, one that will be at some point in the future looked back at with nostalgia, as we look back those silly cars we used to drive back in the day. The times come and go, in a few short weeks we enter the Donald Trump era of our country’s history.

Change is good, and indeed the flipping of the calendar will mean change. But then it’s just a continue, history doesn’t start or end on a calendar day. Sure there will be new laws that will go in effect and we’ll have to write 2017 on all our paperwork, but really is December 31st that much different then January 1st?

Enjoy the egg nog and fondue one more night. Soon the Christmas lights will be shut off and we will be in the cold of January. But fear not, another spring isn’t that far away.

Map: Lebanon Reservoir

Map: Lebanon Reservoir

Madison County is a county located in the U.S. state of New York. As of the 2010 census, the population was 73,442. Madison County is part of the Syracuse, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Madison County is located in central New York State, east of Syracuse, north of Binghamton, and slightly north of due west from Albany. Madison County contains the geographic center of the state at Pratts Hollow in the Town of Eaton.

Oneida Lake and Oneida Creek define part of the northern boundary. The Great Swamp, formerly located south of the lake, was a rich wetlands habitat important to many species of birds and wildlife. This was drained by local and state construction projects in the early decades of the twentieth century, chiefly by Italian immigrants. The fertile soil supported high production of onions and other commodity crops, and the Italian families grew wealthy from their work. The area was known as "Black Beach" for its mucklands. Chittenango Creek defines part of the western boundary.