Links to DEC Webpages on State Land

Many of the state lands in New York have DEC websites. Here is an index of all of the webpages about various state lands. Some lands do not have state websites, and therefore do not have links to pages. Updated with UMP, acerage and formatting improvements from DEC data produced March 2016.

County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Albany Albany Pine Bush Preserve 1,403 Pine Bush
Black Creek Marsh Wildlife Management Area 466 Hudson Valley
Catskill Creek Fishing Access 1
Cole Hill State Forest 858 Albany
Five Rivers Education Center 448
Louise E. Keir Wildlife Management Area 188 Albany
Margaret Burke Wildlife Management Area 245 Albany
Onesquethaw Creek Fishing Access 0
Partridge Run State Forest 935 Albany
Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area 4,590 Albany
Rensselaerville State Forest 2,546 Albany
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Allegany Allen Lake State Forest 2,442 Allegany
Alma Pond 111
Bald Mountain State Forest 762 Allegany
Bully Hill State Forest 3,534 Allegany
Cold Creek State Forest 496 Allegany
Coyle Hill State Forest 2,344 Allegany
Crab Hollow State Forest 1,150 Allegany
English Hill State Forest 1,394 Allegany
Gas Springs State Forest 2,305 Allegany
Genesee Valley Wildlife Management Area 717
Gillies Hill State Forest 2,355 Allegany
Hanging Bog Wildlife Management Area 4,460 Allegany North West
Hanging Bog Wildlife Management Area – Showy Lady Slipper 2 Allegany North West
Hiltonville State Forest 1,010 Allegany
Jersey Hill State Forest 1,076 Allegany
Karr Valley Creek State Forest 1,911 Allegany
Keaney Swamp Wildlife Management Area 708 Allegany North East
Keeney Swamp State Forest 2,392 Allegany
Klipnocky State Forest 2,615 Allegany
Lost Nation State Forest 1,349 Allegany
Palmer’s Pond State Forest 3,527 Allegany
Phillips Creek State Forest 2,715 Allegany
Plumbottom State Forest 1,693 Allegany
Rush Creek State Forest 1,404 Allegany
Slader Creek State Forest 1,224 Allegany
Swift Hill State Forest 1,570 Allegany
Turnpike State Forest 4,765 Allegany
Vandermark State Forest 2,349 Allegany
Wag Trail 74
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Bronx Bronx River Trail 1
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Broome Beaver Flow State Forest 1,026 Chenango Trail
Beaver Pond State Forest 816 Broome
Cascade Valley State Forest 534 Broome
Cat Hollow State Forest 759 Broome
Hawkins Pond State Forest 537 Broome
Kirkwood Sub-Office 10
Marsh Pond State Forest 897 Broome
Melondy Hill State Forest 1,981 Treaty Line
Nanticoke Creek Fishing Access 1
Nanticoke Lake Multiple Use Area 339 Broome
Skyline Drive State Forest 523 Broome
Susquehanna Waterway Access 1
Tracy Creek State Forest 507 Broome
Triangle State Forest 662 Long Pond
West Branch Delaware River Waterway Access 3
Whitaker Swamp State Forest 808 Broome
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Cattaraugus Bear Creek State Forest 561 Cattaraugus
Birch Run Ponds Wildlife Management Area 39
Boyce Hill State Forest 979 Cattaraugus
Bryant Hill State Forest 496 Cattaraugus
Bucktooth State Forest 2,280 Cattaraugus
Bush Hill State Forest 2,827 Cattaraugus
Cattaraugus Creek Waterway Access 5
Cattaraugus State Forest 1,061 Cattaraugus
Conewango Creek Waterway Access 255
Conewango Swamp Wildlife Management Area 995
Dobbins Memorial State Forest 1,103 Cattaraugus
East Otto State Forest 1,359 Cattaraugus
Elkdale State Forest 432 Cattaraugus
Farmersville State Forest 1,147 Cattaraugus
Golden Hill State Forest 2,305 Cattaraugus
Harwood Lake Mua 301 Farmersville
Ischua Creek Fishing Access 1
Lime Lake Outlet Fishing Access 0
Mansfield Creek Fishing Access 0
Mccarty Hill State Forest 3,262 Cattaraugus
Nine Mile Creek State Forest 3,163 Cattaraugus
Pine Hill State Forest 1,155 Cattaraugus
Raecher Hill State Forest 842 Cattaraugus
Randolph Fish Hatchery 61
Rock City State Forest 2,942 Cattaraugus
South Valley State Forest 4,255 Cattaraugus
Windfall Creek State Forest 976 Cattaraugus
Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area 1,929 Niagara Frontier
Zoar Valley Unique Area 1,085 Niagara Frontier
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Cayuga Bear Swamp State Forest 3,386 Cayuga-Hewitt
Carpenter Falls Unique Area 38 Cayuga-Hewitt
Cross Lake Islands Wildlife Management Area 0 The Cuse
Frozen Ocean State Forest 753 Cayuga-Hewitt
Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area 4,576 Montihow
Owasco Flats Wima 12
Owasco Lake Inlet Fishing Access 7
Owasco Lake Water Access 9
Seneca River Boat Launch 3
Summer Hill State Forest 4,416 Cayuga-Hewitt
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Chautauqua Alder Bottom Wildlife Management Area 820 Chautauqua West
Boutwell Hill State Forest 2,963 Chautauqua
Brokenstraw State Forest 950 Chautauqua
Canadaway Creek Nature Sanctuary 33
Canadaway Creek Wildlife Management Area 2,189 Boutwell Hill
Chatauqua Creek Fishing Access 6
Chautauqua Fish Hatchery 74
Chautauqua Gorge State Forest 546 Chautauqua
Chautauqua Lake Fish And Wildlife Management Area 72 Chautauqua West
Clay Pond Wildlife Management Area 129 Chautauqua East
Clear Creek Fishing Access 2
Dunkirk Fish Hatchery 6
Findley Lake Waterway Access 0
Harris Hill State Forest 2,281 Chautauqua
Hartson Swamp Wildlife Management Area 99 Chautauqua East
Hatch Creek State Forest 1,283 Chautauqua
Hill Higher State Forest 1,159 Chautauqua
Jacquins Pond Wildlife Management Area 28 Cattaraugus West
2 Chautauqua West
Kabob Wildlife Management Area 37 Chautauqua East
Mount Pleasant State Forest 1,538 Chautauqua
North Harmony State Forest 2,574 Chautauqua
Panama State Forest 1,224 Chautauqua
Stockton State Forest 984 Chautauqua
Watts Wildlife Management Area 1,324 Chautauqua West
Wellman Multiple Use Area 446 Chautauqua
Whalen Memorial State Forest 1,346 Chautauqua
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Chemung Catharine Creek Fishing Access 3
Catlin State Forest 613 Great Divide
Maple Hill State Forest 595 Great Divide
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Chenango Ambler State Forest 641 Between Rivers
Balsam Swamp State Forest 2,678 Five Streams
Basswood State Forest 938 Between Rivers
Beaver Meadow State Forest 5,814 Northern Chenango Highlands
Berry Hill Radio Facility 2
Bobell State Forest 2,158 Chenango Trail
Bucks Brook State Forest 2,177 Northern Chenango Highlands
Bumps Creek State Forest 527 Chenango Trail
Coventry State Forest 1,168 Chenango Trail
Five Streams State Forest 6,371 Five Streams
Genegantslet Creek Fishing Access 0
Genegantslet State Forest 3,201 Mcdonough
Hunts Pond State Forest 1,373 Between Rivers
Lincklaen State Forest 4,629 Northern Chenango Highlands
Long Pond State Forest 3,059 Long Pond
Ludlow Creek State Forest 3,196 Mcdonough
Lyon Brook State Forest 526 Between Rivers
Mcdonough State Forest 6,837 Mcdonough
Melondy Hill State Forest 3,676 Treaty Line
Oak Ridge State Forest 576 Chenango Trail
Otselic State Forest 1,041 Northern Chenango Highlands
Perkins Pond State Forest 1,895 Pharsalia Woods
Pharsalia Wildlife Management Area 4,674
Pharsalia Woods State Forest 9,154 Pharsalia Woods
Pigeon Hill State Forest 736 Pharsalia Woods
Pine Ridge State Forest 275 Between Rivers
Pitcher Springs State Forest 1,835 Pharsalia Woods
Red Brook State Forest 601 Five Streams
Rogers Environmental Education Center 574
Sherburne Sub-Office 12
Skinner Hill State Forest 1,667 Between Rivers
South Hill State Forest 1,323 Between Rivers
South Otselic Fish Hatchery 142
Susquehanna River Boat Launch 6
Unadilla River Fishing Access 1
Whaupaunaucau State Forest 1,189 Between Rivers
Wiley Brook State Forest 1,240 Between Rivers
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Clinton Ausable Marsh Wildlife Management Area 730
Ausable Point Campground 111 Taylor Pond
Burnt Hill State Forest 1,578 Taylor Pond
Cadyville State Forest 371 Northern Clinton
Chazy Highlands State Forest 5,538 Chazy Highlands
Chazy Highlands Wild Forest 26,283 Chazy Highlands
Chazy Highlands Wildlife Management Area 1,001 Chazy Highlands
Chazy Lake Waterway Access 4 Chazy Highlands
Clinton Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 685
Clinton Mooers Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 450
Dunkin’s Reserve State Forest 2,433 Chazy Highlands
Flat Rock State Forest 1,929 Northern Clinton
Garden Island 1 Lake Champlain Islands
Great Chazy River Special Use 0
Gulf Unique Area 605 Northern Clinton
Imperial Mills Dam 6
Kings Bay Wildlife Management Area 671
Lake Alice Wildlife Management Area 1,488
Lewis Preserve Wildlife Management Area 1,325
Macomb State Forest 1,056 Northern Clinton
Monty’s Bay Wildlife Management Area 318
Moon Pond State Forest 786 Chazy Highlands
Peru Dock Boat Launch 10 Lake Champlain Islands
Plattsburg Boat Launch 0
Rouses Point 50
Saranac River Access 0
Spoon Island Primitive Area 2 Lake Champlain Islands
Spring Brook State Forest 1,159 Chazy Highlands
Taylor Pond Campground 147 Taylor Pond
Taylor Pond Wild Forest 5,638 Taylor Pond
Terry Mountain State Forest 4,812 Taylor Pond
Upper Chateaugay Lake Boat Launch 2 Chazy Highlands
Valcour Island Primitive Area 945 Lake Champlain Islands
Wilmington Wild Forest 1,056 Wilmington
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Columbia Beebe Hill Multiple Use Area 1,456 Taconic Highlands
Beebe Hill State Forest 548 Taconic Highlands
Hand Hollow State Forest 518
Harvey Mountain State Forest 2,007 Taconic Highlands
Livingston State Forest 319
New Forge State Forest 612 Taconic Highlands
Nutten Hook Tidal Wetland 791 Hudson Valley
Rogers Island Wildlife Management Area 322 Hudson Valley
Stockport Flats Estuarine Sanctuary 478 Hudson Valley
Stockport Wildlife Management Area 354 Hudson Valley
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Cortland Baker School House State Forest 1,258 Taylor Valley
Casterline Pond Waterway Access 15
Cortland Sub-Office 10
Cuyler Hill State Forest 5,494 Cuyler
Dog Hollow State Forest 728 Cuyler
Donahue Woods State Forest 1,157 Taylor Valley
East Branch Tioughnioga River Fishing Access 1
Gee Brook State Forest 879 Taylor Valley
Grigg’s Gulf State Forest 2,351 Rockefeller
Grout Brook Fishing Access 19
Hewitt State Forest 930 Cayuga-Hewitt
Hoxie Gorge State Forest 2,111 Taylor Valley
Kennedy State Forest 4,440 Virgil
Kettlebail State Forest 574 Hill And Hollow
Labrador Hollow Unique Area 1,473 Hill And Hollow
Maxon Creek State Forest 897 Cuyler
Morgan Hill State Forest 3,142 Hill And Hollow
Papish Pond Multiple Use Area 191 Taylor Valley
Taylor Valley State Forest 4,610 Taylor Valley
Tuller Hill State Forest 2,436 Virgil
Tully Lake Fishing Access 1
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Delaware Andes Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 100
Arctic China State Forest 2,947 Treaty Line
Barbour Brook State Forest 758 Treaty Line
Beals Pond State Forest 1,113 Treaty Line
Bear Spring Mountain Campground 12
Bear Spring Mountain Wildlife Management Area 7,137 East Branch
Beaverkill Fishing Access 2
Colchester Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 779
Columbia Lake State Forest 700 Treaty Line
Davenport Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 195
Delaware County Scenic Resource 218 East Branch
Delaware Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 67
Delaware Wild Forest 29,581 Delaware
Dry Brook Ridge Wild Forest 9,360 Dry Brook Ridge
East Branch Delaware River Waterway Access 12
Hancock Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 1,701
John Lennox State Demonstration Forest 175
Kerryville State Forest 703 Treaty Line
Little Pond Campground 437 Delaware
Lower West Branch Delaware River Fishing Access 4
Michigan Hill State Forest 594 Treaty Line
Middletown Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 47
Murphy Hill State Forest 632 East Branch
Pine Hill State Forest 1,091 Treaty Line
Plattekill State Forest 1,787 East Branch
Relay State Forest 1,276 East Branch
South Hill State Forest 522 Cherry Valley
Stamford Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 79
Stamford Regional Sub-Office 12
Steam Mill State Forest 5,608 Treaty Line
Tomannex State Forest 1,036 East Branch
Tompkins Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 511
Town Brook Fishing Access 0
Walton Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 110
West Branch Delaware River 11
Wolf Hollow Wildlife Management Area 52 East Branch
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Dutchess Baxtertown Woods Wildlife Management Area 248
Crum Elbow Creek Fishing Access 1
Crum Elbow Creek Waterway Access 13
Depot Hill Multiple Use Area 267 Lower New England East
Lafayetteville Multiple Use Area 715 Lower New England East
Roeliff Jansenkill Multiple Use Area 128 Lower New England East
Shekomeko Creek Parking Fishing Access 0
Stissing Mountain Multiple Use Area 590 Lower New England East
Stonykill Environmental Education Center 785
Swamp River Fishing Access 0
Swamp River Waterway Access 58
Sylvan Lake Waterway Access 0
Taconic Hereford Multiple Use Area 917 Lower New England East
Tivoli Bay Wildlife Management Area 1,340
Wappinger Creek Fishing Access 2
Wassaic Creek Fishing Access 9
Wassaic Multiple Use Area 501 Lower New England East
West Mountain State Forest 821 Lower New England East
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Erie Cattaraugus Creek Fishing Access Parking 0
Cazenovia Creek Wildlife Management Area 127
Eighteen Mile Creek Access 12
Great Baehre Swamp Wildlife Management Area 271 Tillman Road/Great Baehre
Hampton Brook Woods Wildlife Management Area 78
Motor Island Wildlife Management Area 19
Onondaga Escarpment Unique Area 52 Niagara Frontier
Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve And Environmental Education Center 284 Niagara Frontier
Spicer Creek Wildlife Management Area 34
Tillman Road Wildlife Management Area 237 Tillman Road/Great Baehre
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Essex Bald Ledge Primitive Area 511 Pharaoh Lake
Bartlett Primitive Area 7 Sentinel Range
Blue Mountain Wild Forest 6,654 Blue Mtn.
Boquet River Fishing Access 1 Taylor Pond
Boquet River Primtive Area 85 Giant Mtn.
Butternut Pond 161
Camp Santanoni Historic Area 36 Camp Santanoni Historic Area
Cole Island 1 Lake Champlain Islands
Crown Point Campground 70 Hammond Pond
Crown Point Historic Area 363 Hammond Pond
Dix Mountain Wilderness 44,755 Dix Mtn.
Essex Chain Lakes Primitive Area 6,956 Essex Chain Lakes
Giant Mountain Wilderness 23,658 Giant Mtn.
Gooseneck Pond Primitive Area 1 Pharaoh Lake
Hammond Pond Wild Forest 45,557 Hammond Pond
High Peaks Wilderness 205,867 High Peaks
Hoffman Notch Wilderness 38,478 Hoffman Notch
Hudson Gorge Wilderness 23,460 Hudson Gorge
Hurricane Mountain Fire Tower Historic Area 0 Hurricane Mountain
Hurricane Mountain Primitive Area 11 Hurricane Mountain
Hurricane Mountain Wilderness 13,970 Hurricane Mountain
Jay Mountain Wilderness 7,868 Jay Mtn.
John Browns Farm Historic Site 107 Saranac Lakes
Johns Brook Primitive Area 147 High Peaks
Lake George Forest Preserve 7 Lake George
Lake George Wild Forest 36 Lake George
Lake Harris Campground 233 Vanderwhacker Mtn.
Lincoln Pond Campground 134 Hammond Pond
Mckenzie Mountain Wilderness 37,405 Mckenzie Mtn.
Meadowbrook Campground 128 Saranac Lakes
Mirror Lake Boat Launch 2 Saranac Lakes
Mossy Point State Boat Launch 17 Lake George
Mount Van Hoevenberg Winter Recreation Area 1,185 Saranac Lakes
Paradox Lake 841
Paradox Lake Campground 283 Hammond Pond
Pauline Murdock Wildlife Management Area 72 Taylor Pond
Pharaoh Lake Wilderness 46,191 Pharaoh Lake
Pine Lake Primitive Area 2,788 Essex Chain Lakes
Poke-O-Moonshine Campground 274 Taylor Pond
Polaris Mountain Primitive Area 926 Hudson Gorge
Port Douglass Boat Launch 2 Taylor Pond
Port Henry Boat Launch 5 Hammond Pond
Putnam Creek Access 0 Hammond Pond
Putnam Creek Fishing Access 0 Hammond Pond
Putnam Pond Campground 851 Pharaoh Lake
Putts Creek Wildlife Management Area 112
Saranac Lakes Wild Forest 21,693 Saranac Lakes
Schroon Lake 4,207
Schuyler Island Primitive Area 167 Lake Champlain Islands
Sentinel Range Wilderness 23,855 Sentinel Range
Sharp Bridge Campground 193 Hammond Pond
Sheepshead Island 0 Lake Champlain Islands
Signal Buoy Island 0 Lake Champlain Islands
Split Rock Wild Forest 3,540 Split Rock
State Admin Area 2 Blue Mtn.
Suny Atmospheric Sciences Research Center 23 Wilmington
Tahawas Primitive Area 2 High Peaks
Taylor Pond Wild Forest 7,426 Taylor Pond
Unclassifed 1,539
Unclassified 14,914
Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest 79,820 Vanderwhacker Mtn.
Westport Boat Launch 3 Taylor Pond
Whiteface Mountain Ski Center 3,021 Whiteface Mtn. Ski Center
Wickham Marsh Wildlife Management Area 716
Willsboro Bay Boat Launch 6 Taylor Pond
Wilmington Notch Campground 120 Whiteface Mountain
Wilmington Wild Forest 15,882 Wilmington
Wilsboro Dam Fish Dam 1 Taylor Pond
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Franklin Adirondack Fish Hatchery 73 Saranac Lakes
Ampersand Primitive Area 429 High Peaks
Bombay State Forest 2,748 St. Lawrence Flatlands
Buck Pond Campground 293 Debar Mtn.
Camp Gabriels 92 Debar Mtn.
Chateaugay Fish Hatchery 14
Chazy Highlands Wild Forest 20,947 Chazy Highlands
Debar Mountain Wild Forest 78,002 Debar Mtn.
Deer River Primitive Area 1,870 Debar Mtn.
Deer River State Forest 12,274 Northern Franklin
Fish Creek Pond Campground 853 Saranac Lakes
Franklin Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 138
High Peaks Wilderness 4 High Peaks
Horseshoe Lake Wild Forest 2,132 Bog River Complex
Lake Clear 996
Lake Colby Environmental Education Camp 29 Saranac Lakes
Lake Flower Boat Launch 1 Saranac Lakes
Little Salmon River Access 4
Lower Saranac Lake 2,184
Lower Saranac Lake Boat Launch 14 Saranac Lakes
Madawaska Flow – Quebec Brook Primitive Area 6,036 Debar Mtn.
Meacham Lake Campground 358 Debar Mtn.
Middle Saranac Lake Boat Launch 6 Saranac Lakes
Raquette River Boat Launch 6 Saranac Lakes
Rollins Pond Campground 519 Saranac Lakes
Saint Regis Canoe Area 18,957 Saint Regis Canoe Area
Saint Regis Mountain Fire Tower Historic Area 0 Saint Regis Canoe Area
Salmon River Waterway Access 0
Saranac Lake Boat Launch 4 Saranac Lakes
Saranac Lakes Wild Forest 58,988 Saranac Lakes
Second Pond Boat Launch 9 Saranac Lakes
St. Regis River State Forest 929 Northern Franklin
Taylor Pond Wild Forest 25,980 Taylor Pond
Titusville Mountain State Forest 7,483 Northern Franklin
Trout River State Forest 635 Northern Franklin
Tupper Lake Boat Launch 2 Bog River Complex
Unclassified 7
2,143 Debar Mtn.
Union Falls Pond 1,508
Valley View State Forest 75 Northern Franklin
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Fulton Broadalbin Boat Launch 16 Wilcox Lake
Caroga Lake Campground 50 Shaker Mtn.
Ferris Lake Wild Forest 628 Ferris Lake
Lassellsville State Forest 2,487 Sacandaga
North Creek Fishing Access 1 Ferris Lake
Northampton Beach Campground 219 Shaker Mtn.
Northville-Sub-Office 8 Wilcox Lake
Peck Hill State Forest 2,868 Sacandaga
Rockwood State Forest 856 Sacandaga
Sacandaga River State Boat Launch 20 Shaker Mtn.
Shaker Mountain Wild Forest 32,789 Shaker Mtn.
Unclassified 3,991
Wilcox Lake Wild Forest 304 Wilcox Lake
Zimmerman Creek Fishing Access 54
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Genesee Groveland Secondary Trailway 317
John White Wildlife Management Area 329
Oak Orchard Wildlife Management Area 2,554
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Greene Ashland Pinnacle State Forest 954 Mt. Pisgah
Athens Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 81
Athens State Boat Launch 2
Bearpen Mountain State Forest 2,839 Mt. Pisgah
Brandow Point Unique Area 63 Hudson Valley
Bronck Island 57
Bronck Island Unique Area 25
Cairo Lockwood State Forest 49 Mt. Pisgah
Catskill Forest Preserve Detatched Parcel 23
Colgate Lake Wild Forest 1,499 Colgate Lake
Coxsackie Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 33
Devil’s Tombstone Campground 179 Indian Head
Diamond Notch Primitive Bicycle Corridor 31 Hunter-Westkill
Dutcher Notch/Colgate Lake Primitive Bicycle Corridor 30 Blackhead Range
Elm Ridge Wild Forest 2,379 Windham High Peak
Great Vly Wildlife Management Area 192 Hudson Valley
Greene County Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 450
Greenville Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 102
Halcott Mountain Wild Forest 4,931 Halcott Mountain
Hudson River New Baltimore Waterway Access 25 Hudson Valley
Hunter-West Kill Wilderness 24,413 Hunter-Westkill
Huntersfield State Forest 1,326 Mt. Pisgah
Indian Head Wilderness 2,683 Indian Head
Kaaterskill Wild Forest 9 Hunter Mountain
145 Kaaterskill
Middle Ground Flats Unique Area 372 Hudson Valley
Mink Hollow Primitive Bicycle Corridor 33 Indian Head
Mount Hayden State Forest 844 Mt. Pisgah
Mount Pisgah State Forest 651 Mt. Pisgah
New Baltimore Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 78
North/South Lake Campground 1,107 North/South Lake Campground
Overlook Turnpike Primitive Bicycle Corridor 53 Indian Head
Rusk Mountain Wild Forest 3,913 Hunter Mountain
Seward’s Island 72
Shandaken Wild Forest 2,655 Shandaken
Vinegar Hill Wildlife Management Area 407
Vosburgh Swamp Wildlife Management Area 290
Windham-Blackhead Range Wilderness 16,973 Blackhead Range
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Hamilton Blue Mountain Wild Forest 35,884 Blue Mtn.
Blue Ridge Wilderness 47,308 Blue Ridge
Brown Tract Pond Campground 273 Moose River Plains
Buell Brook Primitive Area 14 West Canada Lake
Cascade Lake 100
Cathead Mountain Primitive Area 173 Silver Lake
Dug Mountain Primitive Area 50 Siamese Ponds
Eastern Five Ponds Access Primitive Area 9 Five Ponds
Eighth Lake Campground 242 Moose River Plains
Ferris Lake Wild Forest 145,898 Ferris Lake
Forked Lake 206
Forked Lake Campground 354 Sargent Ponds
Forks Mountain Primitive Area 15 Siamese Ponds
Forth Lake Boat Launch 1 Fulton Chain
Fulton Chain Boat Launch 9 Moose River Plains
Golden Beach Campground 99 Sargent Ponds
Herkimer Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 31 Ferris Lake
High Peaks Wilderness 4 High Peaks
Hudson Gorge Primitive Area 39 Hudson Gorge
Indian Lake Islands Campground 15 Jessup River
Jessup River Wild Forest 48,435 Jessup River
Lake Durant Campground 276 Blue Mtn.
Lake Eaton Campground 152 Sargent Ponds
Lewey Lake Campground 140 Jessup River
Little Moose Wilderness 12,278 Little Mountain
Little Sand Point Campground 66 Ferris Lake
Long Lake State Boat Launch 20 Blue Mtn.
Moffitt Beach Campground 398 Jessup River
Moose River Plains Camping Area 2,907 Moose River Plains
Moose River Plains Wild Forest 66,632 Moose River Plains
Nehasane Primitive Area 88 William C. Whitney
Ok Slip Pond Primitive Area 19 Hudson Gorge
Partlow Lake Primitive Area 39 Five Ponds
Pigeon Lake Wilderness 50,462 Pigeon Lake
Piseco Lake 2,606
Point Comfort Campground 83 Ferris Lake
Poplar Point Campground 35 Jessup River
Raquette Lake 5,304
Round Lake Wilderness 11,401 Bog River Complex
Sacandaga Campground 108 Wilcox Lake
Sacandaga Primitive Area 15 Silver Lake
Sargent Ponds Wild Forest 43,474 Sargent Ponds
Shaker Mountain Wild Forest 8,506 Shaker Mtn.
Silver Lake Wilderness 109,458 Silver Lake
State Admin Area 1 Essex Chain Lakes
Tioga Point Campground 36 Sargent Ponds
Unclassified 1,392
Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest 158 Vanderwhacker Mtn.
Wakely Mountain Primitive Area 224 Blue Ridge
West Canada Lake Wilderness 174,298 West Canada Lake
West Canada Mountain Primitive Area 3,137 West Canada Lake
Wilcox Lake Wild Forest 42 Wilcox Lake
William C. Whitney Wilderness 20,354 William C. Whitney
Wilmurt Club Road Primitive Area 3 West Canada Lake
Winding Falls Primitive Area 26 Bog River Complex
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Herkimer Alder Creek Primitive Area 23 Five Ponds
Alger Island Campground 38 Fulton Chain
Bear Pond Primitive Area 17 Five Ponds
Big Moose Lake 1,239
Black Creek State Forest 1,010 Adirondack Foothills
Black River Wild Forest 126,923 Black River
Bubs Lake 47
Dart’s Lake 140
Eastern Five Ponds Access Primitive Area 33 Five Ponds
Ferris Lake Wild Forest 1,193 Ferris Lake
Five Ponds Wilderness 131,251 Five Ponds
Former Dairy Hill Firetower Site 0
Fulton Chain Lakes 2,937
Fulton Chain Wild Forest 16,017 Fulton Chain
Ha-De-Ron-Dah Wilderness 25,840 Ha-De-Ron-Dah
Herkimer Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 146
Hinckely Day Use Area 569 Ferris Lake
Hinckley State Forest 1,593 Adirondack Foothills
Independence River Wild Forest 551 Independence River
Lake Rondaxe 172
Limekiln Lake Campground 312 Moose River Plains
Maumee Swamp 38
Moose River Plains Wild Forest 0 Moose River Plains
Moss Lake 120
Nicks Lake Campground 678 Black River
Ohisa State Forest 680 Mohawk Vista
Otsquago State Forest 411 Mohawk Vista
Pepperbox Wilderness 24,311 Pepperbox
Plantation Island Wildlife Management Area 268 Mohawk Valley
Raven Lake Road Primitive Area 29 Pepperbox
Razorback Pond 15
Silver Lake 57
Steuben Hill State Forest 1,009 Mohawk Vista
Stillwater Boat Launch 4 Independence River
Thirsty Pond 28
Tied Lake Primitive Area 8 Pepperbox
Twitchell Lake 143
Van Hornesville Fish Hatchery 8
Wanakena Primitive Area 7 Five Ponds
Watson’s East Triangle Wild Forest 11,825 Watson East Triangle
West Canada Creek Fishing Access 29
West Pond 39
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Jefferson Ashland Flats Wildlife Management Area 2,026 Thousand Islands
Black Pond Wildlife Management Area 547
Black River At Huntingtonville Waterway Access 34
Brownville Wildlife Management Area 237 Thousand Islands
Butterfield Lake Waterway Access 9
Collins Landing Wildlife Management Area 52 Thousand Islands
Coyote Flats State Forest 560 Ontario Plains
Cranberry Creek Wildlife Management Area 13 Thousand Islands
Crystal Lake Waterway Access 1
Dexter Marsh Wildlife Management Area 1,240 Ontario Shores
Eastern Ontario Waterway Access 18
French Creek Wildlife Management Area 2,270 Thousand Islands
Galloo Island 28
Gould’s Corners State Forest 2,043 Tug Hill North
Gull Island Wildlife Management Area 2 Lake Ontario
Henderson Shores Unique Area 890 Ontario Plains
Honeyville Wildlife Management Area 111 Tug Hill
Hyde Lake Fishing Access 6 Thousand Islands
Indian River Wildlife Management Area 139 Indian River Lakes
803 Thousand Islands
Lake Of The Woods Waterway Access 2
Lake Ontario Waterway Access 1
Lake Ontario Waterway Access 12
Lakeview Wildlife Management Area 3,442 Ontario Shores
Lindsey Creek Fishing Access 0
Millsite Lake Fishing Access 3
Moon Lake Fishing Access 2 Thousand Islands
Ontario Lake Boat Launch 18
Oswegatchie River At Oxbow Fishing Access 4 Thousand Islands
Perch River Wildlife Management Area 8,047 Thousand Islands
Point Peninsula Wildlife Management Area 978 Ontario Shores
69 Thousand Islands
Pulpit Rock State Forest 1,602 Ontario Plains
River Road Fishing Access 0 Thousand Islands
Sixberry Lake Fishing Access 1 Thousand Islands
South Sandy Creek Fishing Access 0
Stony Creek Fishing Access 1
Tug Hill State Forest 12,296 Tug Hill North
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Lewis Aldrich Pond Wild Forest 449 Aldrich Pond
Balsam Creek State Forest 560 Westward Waters
Beartown State Forest 7,205 Westward Waters
Black River At Glenfield Fishing Access 4 Westward Waters
Black River At Beeches Bridge Fishing Access 19
Black River At Lowville Fishing Access 2
Black River Fishing Access 6
Black River Waterway Access 2
Black River Wild Forest 219 Black River
Bonaparte’s Cave State Forest 1,437 Westward Waters
Burdicks Crossing Fishing Access 9 Lesser Wilderness
Cobb Creek State Forest 2,203 Tug Hill North
Cottrell State Forest 482 Tug Hill East
Crystal Creek Fishing Access 7
Diana Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 128 Croghan-Diana
East Br Fish/Big Alder Creek Fishing Access 0
East Branch Fish Creek Fishing Access 1
East Branch Fish Creek State Forest 1,404 Tug Hill East
East Osceola State Forest 1,990 Tug Hill East
Fish Creek Fishing Access 2
Frank E. Jadwin Memorial State Forest 20,576 Westward Waters
Gomer Hill Radio Facility 1
Granger State Forest 737 Tug Hill North
Grant Powell State Forest 8,144 Tug Hill North
Greig Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 245
High Towers State Forest 730 Westward Waters
Hogsback State Forest 629 Westward Waters
Independence River State Forest 690 Westward Waters
Independence River Wild Forest 78,629 Independence River
Indian Pipe State Forest 595 Westward Waters
Kotary Road Fishing Access 7
Lesser Wilderness State Forest 13,819 Tug Hill East
Lewis Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 885
Line Brook State Forest 1,129 Tug Hill East
Lookout State Forest 3,993 Tug Hill North
Lot 127 Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 272
Lot 134 Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 74
Lot 38 Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 61
Lot 50 Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 124
Lot 69 Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 24
Lot 74 Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 239
Lot 98 Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 188
Lowville Demonstration Area 80 Westward Waters
Lowville Office 10
Lyonsdale Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 29
Mill Stream Fishing Access 1
Mohawk Springs State Forest 1,217 Tug Hill East
Onjebonge State Forest 1,829 Westward Waters
Otter Creek State Forest 1,431 Westward Waters
Pinckney State Forest 2,100 Tug Hill North
Raywood Unique Area 316 Tug Hill East
Salmon River East Branch Fishing Access 0
Salmon River Fishing Access 0
Sand Bay State Forest 325 Westward Waters
Sand Flats State Forest 2,527 Westward Waters
Sears Pond State Forest 5,704 Tug Hill North
Swancott Mill State Forest 736 Tug Hill East
Tug Hill Wildlife Management Area 5,079 Osceola
Turin Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 13
Unclassified 109
Watson’s East Triangle Wild Forest 1,649 Watson East Triangle
West Martinsburg Radio Facility 5
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Livingston Avon Regional Office 19
Caledonia Fish Hatchery 39
Canaseraga State Forest 1,285 Livingston
Conesus Inlet Wildlife Management Area 1,141 Livingston
Conesus Lake Waterway Access 5
Genesee River Waterway Access 8
Hemlock-Canadice State Forest 6,797 Hemlock Canadice
Ossian State Forest 1,293 Livingston
Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area 5,105 Livingston
Sonyea State Forest 926 Livingston
Twin Cedars Environmental Area 64
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Madison Beaver Creek State Forest 3,486 Brookfield
Brookfield Railroad State Forest 847 Brookfield
Charles E. Baker State Forest 9,060 Brookfield
Chenango River Fishing Access 0
Chittenango Creek Fishing Access 0
Deruyter State Forest 972 Tioughnioga
Earlville State Forest 635 Northern Chenango Highlands
Eaton Reservoir Boat Launch 1
Gorton Lake State Forest 507 Mohawk Vista
Lebanon Reservoir Fishing Access 1
Lebanon State Forest 779 Northern Chenango Highlands
Leland Pond Fishing Access 2
Madison Reservoir Fishing Access 2
Mariposa State Forest 3,081 Muller Hill
Morrow Mountain State Forest 1,289 Tioughnioga
Muller Hill State Forest 3,061 Muller Hill
Nelson Swamp Unique Area 892 Nelson Swamp Unique Area
Oneida Lake Boat Launch 7
Stoney Pond State Forest 1,469 Tioughnioga
Texas Hill State Forest 704 Northern Chenango Highlands
Three Springs State Forest 797 Muller Hill
Tioughnioga Wildlife Management Area 3,803 Tioughnioga
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Monroe Black Creek Waterway Access 58
Braddock Bay Wildlife Management Area 2,800
Cedar Springs Fish Hatchery 46
Rush Oak Openings Unique Area 231 Bare Hill
Sandy Creek Fishing Access Parking 0
Sandy Creek Wetlands 9
Slater Creek Waterway Access 7
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Montgomery Charleston State Forest 4,030 Charleston
Lost Valley State Forest 748 Charleston
Rural Grove State Forest 1,286 Charleston
Yatesville Falls State Forest 712 Charleston
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Nassau Inwood Bay Tidal Wetlands Area 12 North Atlantic
Lido Beach Tidal Wetlands Area 99 North Atlantic
Oceanside Landing Waterway Access Site 1 North Atlantic
Old Westbury Unique Area 32 North Atlantic
Oyster Bay Western Waterfront Waterway 4 North Atlantic
Udall’s Cove And Ravine Natural Resource Area 0
Underhill Preserve 25 North Atlantic
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Niagara Hartland Swamp Wildlife Management Area 402 Chautauqua East
Tonawanda Creek Fishing Access 1
Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area 5,643 Chautauqua East
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Oneida Albert J. Woodford Memorial State Forest 2,648 Mohawk Vista
Big Brook State Forest 3,876 Forty-Six Corners
Black River Fishing Access 15
Boonville Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 686
Buck Hill State Forest 1,702 Oneida Hills
Canada Creek State Forest 626 Oneida Hills
Cincinnati Creek Waterway Access 5
Clark Hill State Forest 2,885 Oneida Hills
Cobb Brook State Forest 688 Forty-Six Corners
Fall Brook State Forest 4,480 Forty-Six Corners
Fish Creek State Forest 679 Vienna Woods
Florence Hill State Forest 1,360 Forty-Six Corners
Forestport Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 661
Furnace Creek State Forest 1,394 Forty-Six Corners
Hogsback State Forest 1,115 Adirondack Foothills
Jackson Hill State Forest 1,399 Oneida Hills
Mad River State Forest 2,937 Forty-Six Corners
Mohawk River Fishing Access 1
Mount Hunger State Forest 600 Mohawk Vista
Oneida Lake At Jewell Fishing Access 1
Oriskany Flats Wildlife Management Area 784 Mohawk Valley
Penn Mountain State Forest 3,729 Oneida Hills
Point Rock State Forest 1,205 Oneida Hills
Popple Pond State Forest 2,446 Adirondack Foothills
Punkeyville State Forest 535 Adirondack Foothills
Rome Fish Hatchery 84
Rome Sand Plains Unique Area 1,785 Rome Sand Plains
Rome Wildlife Management Area 1,204 Oneida Lake Plains
Sauquoit Creek Fishing Access 1
South Hill State Forest 528 Oneida Hills
Stone Barn State Forest 620 Vienna Woods
Swancott Hill State Forest 2,024 Forty-Six Corners
Tri-County State Forest 1,283 Forty-Six Corners
Utica Marsh Wildlife Management Area 193 Mohawk Valley
Webster Hill State Forest 1,064 Oneida Hills
West Branch Fish Creek Fishing Access 5
West Branch State Forest 527 Oneida Hills
West Canada Creek Fishing Access 0
White Lake 241
Woodhull Creek Fishing Access 0
Woodhull Detached Parcel 301
Woodhull State Forest 567 Adirondack Foothills
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Onondaga Butternut Creek Fishing Access 0
Camillus Forest Unique Area 352 Onondaga
Carpenter’s Creek Fishing Access 0
Cicero Swamp Wildlife Management Area 4,947 The Cuse
Cross Lake Islands Wildlife Management Area 26 The Cuse
Cross Lake Waterway Access 16
Fabius Brook Fishing Access 0
Hamlin Marsh Wildlife Management Area 1,667
Limestone Creek Fishing Access 1
Morgan Hill State Forest 2,164 Hill And Hollow
Nine Mile Creek Fishing Access 28
Otisco Lake Waterway Access 4
Seneca River Waterway Access 19
Skaneateles Lake Boat Launch 6
Split Rock Unique Area 34 Onondaga
Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area 3,606 The Cuse
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Ontario Bare Hill Unique Area 95 Bare Hill
Canandaigua Outlet Boat Launch 12
Honeoye Creek Wildlife Management Area 748
Honeoye Inlet Wildlife Management Area 1,977
Squaw Island Unique Area 0 Bare Hill
Stid Hill Mua 841
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Orange Cherry Island Wildlife Management Area 14
Gobbler’s Knob State Forest 304 Shawangunk Ridge
Graham Mountain State Forest 163 Shawangunk Ridge
Huckleberry Ridge State Forest 1,450 Shawangunk Ridge
Kowawese Unique Area 165 Lower New England West
Moodna Creek Waterway Access 3
Mount Peter Hawk Watch Trailway 5 Lower New England West
Pochuck Mountain State Forest 506 Lower New England West
Stewart State Forest 6,650 Lower New England West
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Oswego Altmar State Forest 926 Eastern Lake Ontario
Battle Hill State Forest 1,743 Upper Salmon River
Chateaugay State Forest 3,503 Eastern Lake Ontario
Curtiss Gale Wildlife Management Area 46 The Cuse
Deer Creek Marsh Wildlife Management Area 1,770 Lake Ontario Shoreline
Fish Creek Fishing Access 8
Grindstone Creek Fishing Access 2
Hall Island State Forest 2,057 Upper Salmon River
Happy Valley Wildlife Management Area 8,895 Fish Creek
Kasoag State Forest 1,051 Fish Creek
Klondike State Forest 868 Fish Creek
Little Sandy Creek Fishing Access 2
Littlejohn Wildlife Management Area 7,917
Mill Stream Fishing Access 2
North Sandy Pond Waterway Access 7
O’Hara State Forest 1,402 Upper Salmon River
Oneida Fish Hatchery 19
Oneida Lake Boat Launch 4
Orton Hollow State Forest 516 Fish Creek
Peter Scott Swamp Freshwater Wetlands 403
Salmon River Falls Unique Area 121 Lower Salmon River
Salmon River Fish Hatchery 508 Lower Salmon River
Salmon River Fishing Access 49
Salmon River North Branch Fishing Access 1
Salmon River Reservoir Boat Launch 36
Salmon River State Forest 2,035 Upper Salmon River
Sandy Creek State Forest 538 Eastern Lake Ontario
Stone Hill State Forest 1,031 Fish Creek
Three Mile Bay Wildlife Management Area 3,965 The Cuse
Trout Brook State Forest 626 Eastern Lake Ontario
Unclassifed 1
West Branch Fish Creek Fishing Access 0 Fish Creek
West Osceola State Forest 1,896 Upper Salmon River
Winona State Forest 9,231 Winona
(Empty) 53
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Otsego Arnold Lake State Forest 1,252 Leatherstocking
Basswood Pond State Forest 716 Leatherstocking
Bear Swamp State Forest 1,750 Cherry Valley
Butternut Creek Fishing Access 3
Calhoun Creek State Forest 722 Leatherstocking
Cherry Valley State Forest 1,562 Cherry Valley
Crumhorn Mountain Wildlife Management Area 60 Leatherstocking
Decatur State Forest 594 Cherry Valley
Exeter State Forest 1,966 Leatherstocking
General Jacob Morris State Forest 1,190 Leatherstocking
Goodyear Lake Waterway Access 29 Leatherstocking
Hartwick State Forest 1,241 Leatherstocking
Honey Hill State Forest 1,014 Cherry Valley
Hooker Mountain State Forest 803 Cherry Valley
Hooker Mountain Wildlife Management Area 83 Cherry Valley
Maple Valley State Forest 805 Cherry Valley
Milford State Forest 512 Leatherstocking
Morris Reservoir Waterway Access 13
Plainfield State Forest 1,861 Leatherstocking
R. Milton Hick Memorial State Forest 1,296 Cherry Valley
Roseboom State Forest 632 Cherry Valley
Schenevus Creek Fishing Access 1
Susquehanna River Fishing Access 0
Susquehanna State Forest 425 Leatherstocking
Texas School House State Forest 1,251 Leatherstocking
Wagner Farm State Forest 458 Leatherstocking
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Putnam Big Buck State Forest 146 Lower New England East
Bog Brook Unique Area 132 Lower New England East
California Hill State Forest 982 Lower New England East
Castle Rock Unique Area 130 Lower New England East
Cranberry Mountain Wildlife Management Area 1,083 Hudson Highlands
Great Swamp Wildlife Management Area 478
Nimham Mountain Multiple Use Area 1,020 Lower New England East
White Pond Multiple Use Area 263 Lower New England East
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Queens Norton Basin Natural Resource Area 11 Gateway
Udall’s Cove And Ravine Natural Resource Area 42 Gateway
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Rensselaer Berlin State Forest 1,948 Taconic Highlands
Capital District Wildlife Management Area 3,976 Taconic Highlands
Hoosick River Waterway Access 1
Kinderhook Creek Fishing Access 2
Pittstown State Forest 1,167 Taconic Highlands
Poesten Kill Fishing Access 0
Taconic Ridge State Forest 3,864 Taconic Highlands
Tibbitts State Forest 846 Taconic Highlands
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Richmond Arden Heights Woods 8 Mount Loretto
Bloesser’s Pond 4 Mount Loretto
Butler Manor Woods 19 Mount Loretto
Goethals Pond Complex 67
Lemon Creek Tidal Wetlands Area 42 Mount Loretto
Mount Loretto Unique Area 193 Mount Loretto
North Mount Loretto 75 Gateway
Oakwood Beach Wetlands Area 1
Old Place Creek Tidal Wetlands Area 70
Richmond County Country Club 124
Sawmill Creek Wetland 5
Sharrotts Shoreline 25 Gateway
St. Francis Woodlands 25 Gateway
Todt Hill Woods 56 Gateway
Zuckermann Natural Resource Area 3
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Rockland Minisceongo Creek Err 20
Piermont Marsh Tidal Wetland 68
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Saratoga Blanding’s Turtle Habitat 104
Daketown State Forest 506 Boreal South
Daniels Road State Forest 524
Great Sacandaga Lake Boat Launch 3 Wilcox Lake
Hudson River Boat Launch 10
Hudson River Special Management Area 193 Lake George
Kayaderosseras Creek Fishing Access 1
Lake Desolation State Forest 440 Boreal South
Lincoln Mountain State Forest 1,219 Boreal South
Middle Grove State Forest 573 Boreal South
Parcel 45 Wildlife Management Area 51
Saratoga Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 118
Saratoga Lake Boat Launch 2
Saratoga Nursery 268
Saratoga Sand Plains Wildlife Management Area 637
Stewart Pond Fishing Access 0 Wilcox Lake
Unclassified 1,599
Ushers Road State Forest 118 Boreal South
Victory Mills 47
Wilcox Lake Wild Forest 6,303 Wilcox Lake
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Schenectady Featherstonhaugh State Forest 692 Charleston
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Schoharie Armlin Hill State Forest 511 Catskill Creek
Bates State Forest 1,137 Catskill Creek
Blenheim Hill State Forest 779 Eminence
Burnt-Rossman Hills State Forest 10,630 Eminence
Clapper Hollow State Forest 817 Cherry Valley
Cotton Hill State Forest 497 Albany
Dutch Settlement State Forest 1,009 Albany
Dutton Ridge State Forest 1,228 Catskill Creek
Franklinton Vlaie Wildlife Management Area 203 Catskill Creek
Gates Hill State Forest 750 Catskill Creek
High Knob State Forest 1,345 Catskill Creek
Keyserkill State Forest 1,169 Catskill Creek
Leonard Hill State Forest 1,635 Catskill Creek
Lutheranville State Forest 1,802 Cherry Valley
Mallet Pond State Forest 2,576 Eminence
Patria State Forest 2,180 Eminence
Petersburg State Forest 1,088 Eminence
Schoharie Creek Parking Fishing Access 2
Scott Patent State Forest 1,414 Catskill Creek
South Mountain State Forest 1,498 Mt. Pisgah
Stone Store State Forest 722 Catskill Creek
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Schuyler Catharine Creek Wildlife Management Area 634 Great Divide
Cayuta Lake Boat Launch 80
Cliffside State Forest 962 New Field
Coon Hollow State Forest 2,482 Six Nations
Goundry Hill State Forest 2,106 Six Nations
Sugar Hill State Forest 9,234 Six Nations
Texas Hollow State Forest 931 Great Divide
Waneta Lamoka Wildlife Management Area 160
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Seneca Canoga Marsh Wildlife Management Area 104
Junius Pond Unique Area 105 Bare Hill
Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area 88
Willard Wildlife Management Area 154
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
St. Lawrence Aldrich Pond Wild Forest 25,982 Aldrich Pond
Alice Brook Primitive Area 12 Five Ponds
Beaver Creek State Forest 3,693 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Black Lake Waterway Access 31
Bonner Lake State Forest 98 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Brasher State Forest 19,748 St. Lawrence Flatlands
Buck Pond Primitive Area 31 Five Ponds
Buckton State Forest 1,092 St. Lawrence Flatlands
California Road State Forest 1,414 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Catherineville State Forest 1,622 St. Lawrence Foothills
Cold Spring Brook State Forest 1,068 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Cranberry Lake Boat Launch 5 Cranberry Lake
Cranberry Lake Campground 264 Cranberry Lake
Cranberry Lake Wild Forest 25,873 Cranberry Lake
Crary Mills State Forest 579 St. Lawrence Foothills
De Peyster Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 81 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Dead Creek Primitive Area 1,135 Bog River Complex
Degrasse State Forest 1,180 St. Lawrence Foothills
Dekalb Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 0 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Downerville State Forest 1,442 St. Lawrence Foothills
Eastern Five Ponds Access Primitive Area 1,866 Five Ponds
Fire-Fall State Forest 1,569 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Fish Creek Wildlife Management Area 4,553 Thousand Islands
Fort Jackson State Forest 914 St. Lawrence Flatlands
Glenmeal State Forest 826 St. Lawrence Foothills
Gouverneur Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 17 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Grantville State Forest 775 St. Lawrence Flatlands
Grass Lake Fishing Access 7
Grass River Wild Forest 13,278 Grass River
Greenwood Creek State Forest 1,022 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Hickory Lake State Forest 580 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
High Flats State Forest 1,989 St. Lawrence Foothills
Horseshoe Lake Wild Forest 14,991 Bog River Complex
Indian Meadows Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 45
Knapp Station State Forest 1,000 St. Lawrence Flatlands
Lake Ozonia Fishing Access Site 1 White Hill
Lisbon Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 34
Little Galloo Island Unique Area 45 Ontario Plains
Lonesome Bay State Forest 1,121 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Lost Nation State Forest 1,917 St. Lawrence Flatlands
Louisville Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 332
Orebed Creek State Forest 790 St. Lawrence Foothills
Pitcairn Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 174 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Pleasant Lake State Forest 962 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Raquette River Wild Forest 3,545 Raquette Boreal
Raquette-Jordan Boreal Primitive Area 12,365 Raquette Boreal
Raymondville State Forest 643 St. Lawrence Flatlands
Silver Hill State Forest 783 St. Lawrence Foothills
Snow Bowl State Forest 834 St. Lawrence Foothills
Sodom State Forest 1,425 St. Lawrence Flatlands
South Hammond State Forest 2,085 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Southville State Forest 551 St. Lawrence Flatlands
St. Lawrence Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 117 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Stammer Creek State Forest 460 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Sucker Lake Water Access 91 Aldrich Pond
Tamarack Creek Primitive Area 48 Aldrich Pond
Taylor Creek State Forest 1,855 St. Lawrence Foothills
Toothaker Creek State Forest 708 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Trout Lake State Forest 1,086 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Upper And Lower Lakes Wildlife Management Area 8,799 St. Lawrence Plains
Waddington Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 10
West Parishville State Forest 793 St. Lawrence Foothills
Whippoorwill Corners State Forest 1,280 St. Lawrence Foothills
Whiskey Flats State Forest 2,544 St. Lawrence Foothills
White Hill Wild Forest 9,708 White Hill
Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Area 3,941 Stockholm-Norfolk
Wolf Lake State Forest 4,360 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Yellow Lake State Forest 757 St. Lawrence Rock Ridge
Yellow Lake Waterway Access 5
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Steuben Bath Fish Hatchery 11
Beaver Dams State Forest 532 Six Nations
Birdseye Hollow State Forest 3,501 Keuka Lowlands
Burt Hill Multiple Use Area 398 Canisteo River Basin
Cameron Mills State Forest 544 Canisteo River Basin
Cameron State Forest 1,966 Canisteo River Basin
Canacadea State Forest 1,632 Canisteo River Basin
Cinnamon Lake State Forest 1,772 Six Nations
Cohocton River Fishing Access 0
Cold Brook Wildlife Management Area 116
Dry Run State Forest 1,054 Six Nations
Erwin Hollow State Forest 529 Six Nations
Erwin Mountain State Forest 502 Erwin
Erwin Wildlife Management Area 2,506
Greenwood State Forest 911 Canisteo River Basin
Helmer Creek Wildlife Management Area 126 Canisteo River Basin
Mccarthy Hill State Forest 799 Erwin
Meads Creek State Forest 1,417 Six Nations
Mill Creek Fishing Access 0
Moss Hill State Forest 1,855 Keuka Lowlands
Mount Washington Multiple Use Area 440 Keuka Lowlands
Pigtail Hollow State Forest 995 Keuka Highlands
Rock Creek State Forest 704 Canisteo River Basin
South Bradford State Forest 1,820 Six Nations
Tracy Creek State Forest 568 Canisteo River Basin
Turkey Ridge State Forest 683 Canisteo River Basin
Urbana State Forest 2,705 Keuka Highlands
West Cameron Wildlife Management Area 165 Canisteo River Basin
West Hill State Forest 894 Six Nations
(Empty) 20
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Suffolk Accabonac Marsh Tidal Wetlands Area 7 North Atlantic
Babylon Marsh-Elder And Petteanger Isl Twa 122 North Atlantic
Baiting Hollow Tidal Wetlands Area 77 North Atlantic
Bellport Bay Tidal Wetlands Area 57 North Atlantic
Brookhaven Pine Barrens State Forest 35 North Atlantic
Browns River Tidal Wetlands Area 56 North Atlantic
Calverton Pine Barrens State Forest 191 North Atlantic
Carmans River Pine Barrens State Forest 25 North Atlantic
David A. Sarnoff Preserve 2,688 North Atlantic
East Bartlett Pine Barrens State Forest 100 North Atlantic
Eastport Pine Barrens State Forest 648 North Atlantic
Edgewood Oak Brush Plains Preserve 806 North Atlantic
Fireplace Neck Tidal Wetlands Area 188 North Atlantic
Flax Pond Tidal Wetlands Area 143 North Atlantic
Hashamomuck Pond Waterway Access 4 North Atlantic
Havens Point Tidal Wetlands Area 71 North Atlantic
Henry’s Hollow Pine Barrens State Forest 272 North Atlantic
Isbrandtsen Marsh Tidal Wetlands Area 71 North Atlantic
Johns Neck Tidal Wetlands Area 90 North Atlantic
Kings Park Unique Area 69 North Atlantic
Lake Ronkonkoma Boat Launch 2 North Atlantic
Laurel Lake Waterway Access 14 North Atlantic
Linda Gronlund Memorial Nature Preserve 289 North Atlantic
Little Bay Tidal Wetlands Area 53 North Atlantic
Little Northwest Creek Tidal Wetland 193 North Atlantic
Long Beach Bay Tidal Wetlands Area 424 North Atlantic
Longwood Pine Barrens State Forest 165 North Atlantic
Ludlow Creek Tidal Wetlands Area 12 North Atlantic
Lymans Marsh Tidal Wetlands Area 30 North Atlantic
Mastic-Shirley Conservation Area 0 North Atlantic
Mattituck Creek Waterway Access Site 17 North Atlantic
Moneyboque Bay Tidal Wetlands Area 57 North Atlantic
Moriches Bay Marine Waterway Access 16 North Atlantic
Mount Sinai Tidal Wetlands Area 6 North Atlantic
Namkee Creek Tidal Wetlands Area 21 North Atlantic
Napeague Harbor Tidal Wetlands Area 55 North Atlantic
North Haven Tidal Wetlands Area 7 North Atlantic
Northwest Harbor Tidal Wetlands Area 48 North Atlantic
Oregon Marsh Tidal Wetlands Area 34 North Atlantic
Otis Pike Preserve – Canoe Lake 37 North Atlantic
Otis Pike Preserve – East 780 North Atlantic
Otis Pike Preserve – Fresh Pond 492 North Atlantic
Otis Pike Preserve – Nugent Drive 266 North Atlantic
Otis Pike Preserve – South River Road 155 North Atlantic
Otis Pike Preserve – Toppings Path 1,236 North Atlantic
Otis Pike Preserve – West 855 North Atlantic
Oyster Ponds Waterway Access Site 2 North Atlantic
Panamoka Pine Barrens State Forest 98 North Atlantic
Patriot’s Hollow State Forest 26 North Atlantic
Pepperidge Hall Marsh Tidal Wetlands Area 83 North Atlantic
Pickman-Rimmer Tidal Wetlands Area 98 North Atlantic
Ridge Multiple Use Area And Maintenance Center 190 North Atlantic
Rocky Point Pine Barrens State Forest 5,787 North Atlantic
Sag Harbor Tidal Wetlands Area 1 North Atlantic
Shelter Island Tidal Wetlands Area 39 North Atlantic
Shinnecock Bay Tidal Wetlands Area 17 North Atlantic
Stillman Creek Tidal Wetlands Area 28 North Atlantic
Timber Point Tidal Wetlands Area 185 North Atlantic
Tuthill Cove Tidal Wetlands Area 7 North Atlantic
Westhampton Dwarf Pine Plains Preserve 788 North Atlantic
Wildwood Lake Waterway Access 2 North Atlantic
Youngs Island Tidal Wetland 21 North Atlantic
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Sullivan Bashakill Wildlife Management Area 3,089
Beaverkill Campground 267 Willowemoc
Beaverkill Fishing Access 0
Callicoon Creek North Branch Fishing Access 1
Crystal Lake Wild Forest 502
Debruce Environmental Education Camp 386 Camp Debruce
Delaware River Waterway Access 1
Hickok Brook Multiple Use Area 1,036 Neversink River
Lake Huntington Waterway Access 1
Little Beaverkill Fishing Access 1
Mongaup Pond Campground 682 Mongaup Pond Campground
Mongaup Valley Wildlife Management Area 6,413
Neversink River Fishing Access 1
Neversink River Unique Area 6,580 Neversink River
Painter Hill Multiple Use Area 104 Neversink River
Roosa Gap State Forest 1,091 Shawangunk Ridge
Sandburg Creek Fishing Access 0
Sullivan Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 361
Willowemoc Creek Fishing Access 1
Willowemoc Creek Waterway Access 10
Willowemoc Wild Forest 14,520 Willowemoc
Wolf Brook Multiple Use Area 574 Neversink River
Wurtsboro Ridge State Forest 1,136 Shawangunk Ridge
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Tioga Beaver Dam State Forest 1,151 Rockefeller
East Branch Owego Creek Parking 0
Fairfield State Forest 817 Tioga
Jenksville State Forest 1,372 Tioga
Ketchumville State Forest 510 Tioga
Michigan Hill State Forest 1,175 Rockefeller
Oakley Corners State Forest 1,159 Tioga
Robinson Hollow State Forest 1,925 Tri-County
Shindagin Hollow State Forest 71 Rapid Waters
Susquehanna River Waterway Access 1
Turkey Hill State Forest 1,103 Rockefeller
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Tompkins Andersen Hill State Forest 549 Tri-County
Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area 11,161
Danby State Forest 7,495 Rapid Waters
Dryden Lake Multiple Use Area 197 Twin Sheds
Hammond Hill State Forest 3,697 Twin Sheds
Myers Point Boat Launch 38
Newfield State Forest 1,560 New Field
Potato Hill State Forest 894 Tri-County
Reynolds Game Farm 166
Shindagin Hollow State Forest 5,234 Rapid Waters
Yellow Barn State Forest 1,388 Twin Sheds
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Ulster Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest 13,721 Balsam Lake Mountain
Belleayre Mountain Day Use Area 52 Shandaken
Belleayre Mountain Ski Center 2,163 Belleayre Ski Center
Big Indian Wilderness 33,980 Big Indian
Black Creek State Forest 578 Lower New England West
Black Creek Waterway Access 1
Bluestone Wild Forest 3,056 Bluestone
Esopus Creek Fishing Access 16 Phoenicia
Esopus Creek Waterway Access 2
Hemlock Ridge Multiple Use Area 83 Lower New England West
High Woods Multiple Use Area 43 Lower New England West
Indian Head Wilderness 14,620 Indian Head
Kaaterskill Wild Forest 7,875 Kaaterskill
Kenneth L. Wilson Campground 593 Phoenicia
New Paltz Office 11
Oak Ridge Multiple Use Area 96 Neversink River
Overlook Mountain Wild Forest 873 Overlook Mountain
Phoenicia – Mt. Tobias Wild Forest 7,801 Phoenicia
Rondout Creek Waterway Access 1
Sams Point Ellensville Radio Facility 1
Shandaken Wild Forest 3,454 Shandaken
Shawangunk Multiple Use Area 60 Shawangunk Ridge
Shawangunk Ridge State Forest 1,418 Shawangunk Ridge
Simpson Ski Slope 7 Phoenicia
Slide Mountain Wilderness 50,641 Slide Mountain
Sundown Wild Forest 30,566 Sundown
Turkey Point State Forest 140 Lower New England West
Ulster Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 471
Unclassifed 264
Unclassified 898
Vernooy Kill State Forest 3,686 Shawangunk Ridge
Walter Williams Preserve 11
West Branch Beerkill Fishing Access 0
Willowemoc Wild Forest 1,287 Willowemoc
Witch’s Hole State Forest 592 Shawangunk Ridge
Woodland Valley Campground 109 Phoenicia
Woodland Valley Stream Parking 0
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Warren Chatiemac Lake Primitive Area 2 Siamese Ponds
Eagle Point Campground 21 Vanderwhacker Mtn.
First Brother Primitive Area 91 Pharaoh Lake
Gore Mountain Ski Center 3,784 Vanderwhacker Mtn.
Greene Island Maintenance Facility 2 Lake George
Hearthstone Point Campground 97 Lake George
Hudson River Public Fishing Rights 7
Hudson River Special Management Area 3,548 Lake George
Hudson River Waterway Access 1
Lake George Battlefield Park 23 Lake George
Lake George Battleground Campground 34 Lake George
Lake George Beach 59 Lake George
Lake George Islands Campground 593 Lake George
Lake George Wild Forest 44,339 Lake George
Luzerne Campground 853 Lake George
Mill Creek Fishing Access 0 Wilcox Lake
Mill Creek Parking Area 0 Wilcox Lake
Moreau Lake State Park 1,332 Boreal South
North Creek Parking Fishing Access 0 Vanderwhacker Mtn.
Prospect Mountain Parkway 1,002 Lake George
Ralph Road State Forest 544 Boreal South
Rogers Rock Campground 308 Lake George
Scaroon Manor Campground 241 Vanderwhacker Mtn.
Schroon Lake Waterway Access 19 Lake George
Siamese Ponds Wilderness 114,938 Siamese Ponds
Unclassified 1,500
Upper Hudson River Boat Launch 24
Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest 5,080 Vanderwhacker Mtn.
Warren Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 48
Wilcox Lake Wild Forest 118,533 Wilcox Lake
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Washington Batten Kill State Forest 535 Northern Piedmont
Battenkill River Fishing Access 5
Carters Pond Wildlife Management Area 446 Washington County
Chestnut Woods State Forest 801 Northern Piedmont
Cossayuna Lake Waterway Access 3
Dolph Pond State Forest 727
East Bay Wildlife Management Area 39
Eldridge Swamp State Forest 533 Northern Piedmont
Fort Edward Grasslands 289
Goose Egg State Forest 456 Northern Piedmont
Lake George Wild Forest 22,865 Lake George
Mettawee River Fishing Access 2
Mount Tom State Forest 1,724 Northern Piedmont
South Bay State Boat Launch 8 Lake George
The Saddles State Forest 2,471
Unclassified 385
Washington Forest Preserve Detached Parcel 37
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Wayne Galen Wildlife Management Area 763
Lake Shore Marshes Wildlife Management Area 5,919
Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area 2,165
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Westchester Croton Gorge Unique Area 21 Lower New England East
Montrose Point State Forest 51 Lower New England East
Salt Hill State Forest 269
Titus Mill Pond State Tidal Wetlands 7
County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Wyoming Carlton Hill Mua 2,500
East Koy Creek Fishing Access 26
Silver Lake Outlet Wildlife Management Area 10 Carlton Hill
Wiscoy Creek Fishing Access 0

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County State Land Acres Unit Management Plan
Yates Bare Hill Unique Area 306 Bare Hill
High Tor Wildlife Management Area 6,186 Canandaiqua Highlands
High Tor Wildlife Management Area – Clark Gully 158 Canandaiqua Highlands
High Tor Wildlife Management Area – Parrish Gully 280 Canandaiqua Highlands
Italy Hill State Forest 1,905 Canandaiqua Highlands
Seneca Lake Boat Launch 13
Woodville Boat Launch 18 Canandaiqua Highlands